A Travel-Friendly Size Makes Logitech’s G Pro Keyboard Perfect For Professional Gamers


The term “serious gamer” may have come with a nudge and wink many years ago, but the emergence of big money in eSports has made it a legitimate way to make a living nowadays. If you want to be a serious gamer, you need equally serious gear to accompany your button mashing and that’s what the Logitech G Pro keyboard brings to your gaming setup.

A smaller version of the outfit’s impressive G810 gaming keyboard, it’s designed for easy portability, making it ideal peripheral for pro gamers who regularly make their way from one tournament to the next with bagfuls of gear in tow. It achieves that by ditching the number pad on the right end of the board, enabling a smaller profile that should squeeze conveniently inside even smaller bags.


The Logitech G Pro comes with Romer-G key switches that boast a short-throw actuation of 1.5mm, leaving it a full 25 percent faster than standard mechanical keys, all while sporting a dual-contact redundant design that eliminates double clicks and other mechanical switch errors. Logitech’s Keystroke Signal Processing tech claims to translate switch actuations into USB signals a full 10ms faster, too, ensuring every press of a button is immediately recognized.


Features include switches rated at 70 million keystrokes, 26-key rollover, customizable multi-color backlighting, three-step angle adjustment, and a braided microUSB cable. It comes with a companion software for adjusting backlighting colors, creating game profiles, and programming macros.

Available now, the Logitech G Pro is priced at $129.99.

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