Logitech Lift Gives PC Users With Smaller Hands An Ergonomic Vertical Mouse To Call Their Own

Logitech already has a very good vertical mouse in the MX Vertical, which came out back in 2018 to give folks a peripheral option with more advanced ergonomics. Problem is, that mouse is big, making it all but unusable for anyone with smaller hands. We guess enough people will small hands have made their cries heard as the outfit just released a more compact version called the Logitech Lift.

Designed for users with small and medium-sized hands, the mouse delivers the same upright design as the MX Vertical, albeit in a smaller size that should better accommodate individuals with a more limited grip. No need to look on with envy as the big dude in the next terminal gets to use his ergonomic mouse – you and your small hands can now enjoy the same comfy navigation without having to struggle stretching your fingers with every left and right click.

The Logitech Lift is a vertical mouse that requires you to wrap your hand around its angled upright frame, creating completely different ergonomics from the traditional palms-down orientation when using a mouse. According to the outfit, the mouse’s 57-degree angle forces the user’s hand to take a “natural handshake position,” a more comfortable working angle that immediately reduces muscular strain in a significant manner. That means, your wrist and hand will get less tired throughout the course of the day compared to working the same duration on a traditional mouse.

It puts the traditional mouse controls, such as the left and right clickers, as well as the scroll wheel, on one side of the accessory, with the opposite side getting a thumb rest, along with a pair of small thumb buttons (both customizable). The right-handed version of the mouse puts the main controls on the right side, while the left-handed version puts them on the left, so it’s not ambidextrous, requiring you to get the exact orientation you’ll require.

The Logitech Lift has an optical tracker, with adjustable sensitivity that allows you to dial it anywhere from 400 to 4,000 dpi at 100 dpi increments, so you can make it as responsive as you need. It uses either Bluetooth LE or the included dongle (Logi Bolt) for wireless connectivity, so you can work without having to deal with a mess of wires, all while using just a single AA battery for power. According to the outfit, a fresh AA cell can last it up to 24 months of moderate use.

Despite not being branded as a part of the MX line, the mouse still gets the same ability to pair with up to three devices, making it possible to switch the mouse controls with the push of a button among three different machines. The mouse should work out of the box with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iPadOS, Android, and Linux, so you should be able to use it with laptops, desktops, tablets, and even some phones. It measures 2.8 x 2.7 x 4.25 inches (height x width x depth) and weighs 4.4 ounces.

The Logitech Lift is available now, priced at $69.99.

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