Logitech Powerplay Mouse Pad Wirelessly Charges Your Gaming Mouse During Use


Back in the day, gamers chose wired mouse peripherals over wireless counterparts due to latency concerns. While most latency problems are now adequately handled by high-end gaming mice, the issue of battery life is the only remaining concern. Simply put, no one wants to find their mouse bereft of battery charge in the middle of a heated contest. The Logitech Powerplay wants to end that for good.

A mouse pad with an integrated wireless charging hardware, the setup is designed to keep charging your mouse the entire time you’re playing. That way, there’s zero chance of ever finding your mouse battery drained, ensuring you will never be left defenseless in the middle of battle.


The Logitech Powerplay mouse pad measures 10.8 x 12.6 inches, which should be spacious enough for most people’s gaming needs. It uses a custom electromagnetic resonance system that’s built into the mouse pad, which keeps sending power any time a compatible Logitech Powercore receiver is detected. With a compatible mouse, charging becomes a largely seamless affair – one that you won’t need to consciously think about, as the mouse stays charged through everyday use.

The mouse pad, by the way, comes with both soft and hard surfaces that you can swap at will, depending on your gaming preferences. As of now, only two mouse products will support the proprietary wireless charging tech, namely the Logitech G903 and the Logitech G703, although more will likely to come if the mouse pad finds a decent adoption rate.

Available now, the Logitech Powerplay is priced at $99.99.

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