Logitech Revue Turns Your TV Into Google TV

Google TV – we’ve all heard about it and we’re waiting for it.  If you’d like to turn your generic HDTV into one, the Logitech Revue is what you’re going to want to get.

What can it do?  According to Logitech, the set-top box combines cable programming with access to a whole slew of cloud-based content, including videos, photos, games and music from a variety of web sources.  Plus, it integrates Netflix, Google’s Chrome browser, HD video calling (you’ll need extra accessories, though, namely Logitech TV Cam and Logitech Vid HD) and, presumably, a whole host of new apps down the line.  They’ve also secured partnerships with a variety of content providers, such as HBO, Turner Broadcasting and the NBA, although we’re not sure how that’s supposed to play out.

The Logitech Revue consists of two components – a standard-sized set-top box and a wireless keyboard controller.  All you have to do to get Google TV is connect the box to your cable (or satellite, whichever the case may be), internet connection and HDTV, making it a strictly plug and play affair.    Tech specs include an Intel Atom CE4100 processor (it can do 1080p at 60 frames per second), Wi-Fi, two HDMI ports, optical audio output, an ethernet port and two USB slots.

Its included controller, however, is another story.  Big and clunky, it looks like a regular PC keyboard, with a touchpad and media buttons included.  To its credit, it does include controls for the TV, A/V receiver and DVR, although it’s still ugly all the same.  Those with extra cash can shell out for the smaller, sleeker Logitech Mini Controller, though, which is sold separately.  Additionally, you should be able to use an iPhone or Android smartphone as a remote.

Early adopters can now preorder the Logitech Revue for $299.99.