Loksak Opsak Bags: These Zippered Bags Seal So Tight, They Trap All Odors Inside


Zippered storage bags are great, as you can open and close them to access the contents multiple times, while effectively sealing in whatever’s inside. It’s especially convenient. The Loksak Opsak does traditional zipper bags one better by sealing its contents so tight, it can literally lock the odor inside.

That’s right, this thing locks so tight it effectively contains any odor, ensuring you can pack in smelly food items without spreading the scent all over the place. Want to pack some durian during a trip without pissing off everyone in the plane? Yeah, use this. Want to keep animals away from your camp? Pack any food you have in one of these things to make sure they don’t get attracted with the smell of cooked grub (it’s far more convenient than using one of those bear canisters). Basically, if you’re storing anything that could cause a fuss with their smell, just stash it here and keep that smell confined inside one tiny space.


The Loksak Opsak zips the bag with a hermetic seal, which they describe as “an absolute airtight seal preventing the re-entry or release of air and micro-organisms.” Aside from locking in odor, the zip bag will keep air-sensitive foods from getting stale, much like any similar bag, so you can use it to stash any food item you want to keep fresh for later consumption. It’s completely leak-proof, so you can fill the bag with water without making a mess, allowing you to use it to pack soups, sauces, and other liquid food items.

A patented closure enables that unique odor-proof seal, which employs a special film that’s been chosen specifically for its ability to block scents. And yes, all materials used on the bags are FDA-approved, so you can use it safely for any kind of food prep and storage.


The Loksak Opsak has a build that’s noticeably thicker than traditional zippered bags, so this should prove more durable whether for home or outdoor use, all while being able to withstand direct heat of up to 170 Fahrenheit. According to the outfit, in fact, you can fill it with boiling water without any issues if you need to rehydrate food, making it easy to reheat erstwhile cold food items using just hot water.


Aside from food, you can use it to hold electronic items, since the bag offers quite the potent protection against water and dust. Even better, it will keep water out when submerged up to 200 feet, so you can accidentally drop your bag in the river without having to worry about your phones and other electronics getting wet. The company even says, you can use it for “long-term biohazard storage,” so you can carry one around during the apocalypse to stash whatever interesting-but-possibly-dangerous-things you come across during your adventures.

The Loksak Opsak is available in multiple sizes, ranging from 7 x 7 inches to 28 x 20 inches.

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