Lolo Lid Lets You Hide A Can Of Beer Inside Any Coffee Cup


With coffee shops popping out of every corner in every city, those white to-go cups have become a ubiquitous part of the urban landscape. Simply put, you can find them everywhere, so much so that people automatically assume you’re sipping coffee every time you drink out of one. That’s why it makes the perfect camouflage to sneak in a delicious can of beer and the Lolo Lid lets you do just that.

Designed to look like the lid you find on top of your morning latte from Starbucks (or the scent-laden special lid you use sometimes), you can put it on any standard paper cup to make it look like you’re just walking around with a warm cup of java. Except, before snapping onto the cup, the lid actually snaps onto the rim of a can of beer first, allowing you to hide the can inside the cup, so you can sip on your favorite suds anywhere without attracting unwanted attention.


To use, simply snap the Lolo Lid onto the top of any standard-sized canned drink (make sure the can’s open, of course) and pair it with a paper coffee cup (it fits large and medium) to enjoy your suds in stealth mode. Easy. Even better, the paper cup serves as a koozie of sorts, allowing you to enjoy the beer without touching the can, so your drinks stays colder for longer. Features include an ergonomically-design spout and rim, a silicon gasket to ensure no leaks, and six sets of snaps for a tight hold.


Available now, the Lolo Lid is priced at $15.

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