Lomo Instant Camera Adds Loads Of Tricks To Your Polaroid-Style Insta-Print Arsenal

Those still wishing¬†Polaroid’s instant cameras¬†were alive and well might wish to take a look at retro specialist Lomography’s newest camera. Called the Lomo Instant, it spits out classic instant photographic prints, all while giving your images a whole new injection of style.

Unlike the self-developing cameras of yesteryear, the new Lomo makes room for all the artsy, fun things regular people are doing with cameras today. You know, like add filters, use unconventional lenses, and play with exposures, giving people more space to do creative things with their instant prints.

The Lomo Instant Camera has a built-in wide-angle lens (27mm equivalent) that can zero in on subjects up to 15 inches close, with optional 170-degree fisheye and 35mm equivalent portrait lens attachments. A set of color gels are also included, allowing you to make your prints look like they’re all filtered shots straight off of your Instagram account. There is onboard flash, complete with three shooting modes (flash auto, flash manual, and flash off), as well as support for infinite long exposures and unlimited multiple exposures. It features five aperture settings (f/32 up to f/8), a tripod mount, and a cable release thread.

It uses the Fujifilm Mini Instax film to create your credit card-sized prints, which are sized to fit in conventional wallets so you can quickly put them away for safekeeping. Four color schemes are available: black, white, brown and cream, and green and orange.

Lomography is running a Kickstarter campaign to take preorders for the Lomo Instant Camera. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $79.

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