Longboard Stroller: Not Sure If Good Idea Or Bad

You’re a parent now.  But you’re still young enough that you can’t admit it makes you just as uncool as your dad was when he had you.  So you need to hold on to what kept you a vibrant and exciting young ‘un back in your heyday, avoiding the dad clothes and sticking to your “peg leg jeans and Jordans” ensemble while taking the baby out on a stroll.  If skateboarding was your thing before knocking up the girlfriend and everything, maybe a Longboard Stroller should be your baby carriage of choice.

Developed by Quinny and  Studio Peter van Riet, it’s a baby stroller with an integrated longboard at the bottom.  That way, you can cruise on a board on the way to the park, all while giving your baby a ride at the same time.  Obviously, nothing can go wrong with that, right?  Right?

Basically, the Longboard Stroller is like one of those tricycle stroller thingies, except it’s got a longboard instead of a bike for mommy or daddy to ride on.  Because it’s a skateboard, it’s way more compact, so it’s a lot less troublesome to bring with you (plus, the baby seat folds down, so you can carry it like a regular longboard).  At the least, we doubt anyone will complain if you use it in the sidewalk (that tricycle, on the other hand, not quite).  We hope they make the stroller removable, though — every baby grows up and it’s a shame if that longboard won’t be usable after that.

No detailed specs are available yet for the contraption, which is currently still in the development stages.  We’re guessing there could be a legitimate market for this, although there’s also legitimate danger with irresponsible parents enjoying a cruise so much they forget they got a baby at the front.  You know how skateboarders (yes, even those who ride on longboard varieties) tend to crash a lot?  Yeah, not cool.

You can learn more from the Longboard Stroller website.

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