Three Strings And A Narrow Neck Make The Loog Guitar A Whole Lot Easier To Play


Learning to play guitar is far from rocket science, but it does require a good load of training and practice to reach a decent level of skill. That makes quite a bit of hurdle for kids to get over when getting their first lessons. The Loog Guitar wants to change that.

A starter instrument for kids, the guitar comes with just three strings and a narrow neck, making it a whole lot easier to form chords and play full songs. And while the sound won’t win any awards, it does sound good enough that you likely won’t mind hearing your kids play it over and over all through the day.


The Loog has an overall length of just slightly over two feet, so even younger kids can handle it without any problems. It comes in both acoustic and electric variants, so you can choose what level of noise you’re willing to put up with around the house. All models come with either wood or acrylic bodies, a maple neck with 18 frets, and a rosewood bridge.


Each one comes with a companion app that compiles a whole bunch of content, including video lessons, a tuner, chord diagrams, and even a songbook. Do note, the guitar comes as a kit, so you’ll have to spend some time assembling it together, so kids can use it to learn both building and playing the guitar.

Available now, the Loog is priced starting at $159.

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