Look Like A Chain-Smoking, Perpetually Drinking 1960s Ad Executive With The Mad Men Edition Suit


Need a new suit, love Mad Men?  Brooks Brothers just made your choice easier with the Mad Men Edition Suit, dapper business threads designed to make you look as sharp as Don Draper and Roger Sterling.

Created with the help of the hit drama’s Emmy-nominated costume designer Janie Bryant, the limited-edition suit is officially endorsed by AMC.  According to Brooks Brothers, the garb features “razor sharp 1960s tailoring,” as seen hanging around the nicotine-infested bodies of the show’s main characters.  Judging from the photo, it looks like it will fit right in with a drink on one hand and a cigarette on the other…in the middle of the workday…inside your office.

The Mad Men Edition Suit comes in a gray sharkskin fabric, with a trim silhouette, narrow two-button lapels, side vents and diagonal pockets.  Yep, pretty dreamy.  It is hand-finished and will be limited to 250 pieces, too.

Sure, you can probably get a wardrobe tailored in the same manner with that exact same material for less money.  Heck, if you buy it in Japan, they can probably throw in some anti-swine-flu material there too.  Of course, it won’t have the stamp of approval of what some have called “TV’s Most Addictive Show” so you can just suck it.

The Brooks Brothers Mad Men Edition Suit will go on sale beginning Oct. 19th at select Brooks Brothers outlets for $1,000.  Make sure you grab one early as they’re pulling it off the shelves after the season’s finale airs on Nov. 8.

[Brooks Brothers via Arts Beat]