Look Like Your Favorite Action Hero With ‘Ardman Vests


Still wearing the same plain old wifebeaters?  Add a little flair to your everyday style with ‘Ardman Vests, which dons your sleveless tees the same way they looked back in your favorite action movies.

Remember Bruce Willis in the original “Die Hard” with a gun holster and an NYPD badge around his neck, all while dressed in the fashion classic?  How about John Rambo (nee Sly Stallone) with that never-depleting bullet sash as he pranced around in his sleveless whites from “First Blood”?  Perhaps you still have an image of Bruce Lee wearing that white vest, replete with claw marks from “Enter The Dragon”?

‘Ardman shirts, which sport those unforgettable looks, all rock 100% white cotton – the way wifebeaters are supposed to be.  Sadly, they ome in only one size, which means the puny among you will have to outfit themselves with the same vest that the potbellied are going to.  Seriously, guys, can’t you at least give us decent sizes?  They all come in a DVD-style gift box which, like all packaging, will end up in my trash – wannabe action heroes never waste their time saving boxes, you silly goofs.

Whichever of those movies made the most impact on your impressionable mind, I’m pretty sure the realistic-looking vests will bring back all of its memories.  Unfortunately, that John McLaine vest is a little too clean for the mostly-unkempt, impossible-to-kill NYPD superhero.  Still, that hanging badge with the holster looks so uncanny you just might end up fooling some people with it.  They’re available now for around $20 apiece.

[Red5 via Gizmodo]