Looking Good Mirror Puts Giant Shades On Your Wall

Ever used the lens on someone’s sunglasses to fix your hair?  Yeah, that’s weird, especially to the dude wearing the shades staring right at you.  If you’ve grown to like doing your grooming over someone’s specs, though, you might want to get this Looking Good Mirror.

A wall mirror styled to look like a giant pair of sunglasses, the home accessory lets you recreate your favorite annoying pastime of doing your hair, wiping your face, picking your nose, popping a zit or fixing your collar on the reflective lens off someone’s shades.  Except without the guy wearing the shades giving you nasty looks under the lenses, of course.

The Looking Good Mirror is a meter-long wall-mounted mirror clad in a classic wayfarer design.  It uses regular clear mirrors instead of tinted optics like sunglasses, too, so you don’t have to strain your eyes to see whether that’s a zit on your nose or just a speck of dirt.  The wide profile makes it easy for two people to use at the same time, as well, so you don’t have to fight with the roommate, pushing each other out of the frame while trying to get ready for work.

Sure, the novelty of doing your daily fix up on a pair of giant sunglasses isn’t quite as awesome as combing your locks on a GQ Magazine Cover, but the Looking Good Mirror does have its appeal.  You can buy it now for £200.

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