Loop NYC Ghetto Blaster Bag Hangs An iPod Boombox On Your Shoulder


Fancy a whiff of 80s street culture with your carry-on accessories?  Sling the Loop NYC Ghetto Blaster Bag on your shoulders and feel like you’re toting a bona fide boombox from years past.

Clad in a large and impossible-to-ignore ghetto blaster graphic, the funky-looking, rectangular bag should go very well with your hip, urban outfits.  Walk down the street with a swagger and get ready to breakdance – well, at least, act like it.


More than a bag with boombox styling, the Loop NYC Ghetto Blaster Bag comes with an integrated set of speakers and an area for your iPod.  That means it can bellow out loud music and irritate predestrians, much the same way the classic blasters from that colorful decade used to fill street corners with beats from Eric B and Rakim.

It measures a standard-sized 51 x 28 x 13 centimeters and is made from cotton twill.  The sales page claims very sturdy construction, but, then again, which manufacturer would really say “our bags will tear after a month of abuse”?  It features a zipper closure, along with a zippered inside pocket and an iPod slot (also zippered) right on the cassette deck area.  There are no specs on the dual speakers, but it’s always plain awesome to just have a portable audio output device right on the same bag you’re carrying along anyway.

The Loop NYC Ghetto Blaster Bag comes in two designs, one with yellow-green canvas (which, unfortunately, is sold out) and another in a black base.  It’s available for £30 (approx. $50 USD).

[Kitsch U Like via 7 Gadgets]