Synchronize Your Winter Drinking With The Folding Shot Ski


Doing a line of shots with your friends? Easy enough. Unless, of course, you want all shots to be perfectly synchronized, such that you’re all drinking your alcohol at exactly the same time. For that, you’ll need something more ridiculous. Something like the Looptworks Folding Shot Ski.

A recycled ski with four shot glasses mounted on top, it allows a quartet of merrymakers to down a line of shots at the exact same time. Whether you’re actually vacationing at a winter mountain resort or drinking at the beach in the middle of summer, this thing lets you enjoy synchronized shots with up to three friends.


The Looptworks Folding Shot Ski is an actual used ski that’s been repurposed for a new life as a drinking accessory. It uses gaskets to hold the stainless steel shot glasses securely in place, with a removable design that lets you easily pull out the shot glasses for cleaning. Since a ski isn’t the most convenient thing to carry, it folds in half for better portability, allowing it to cram into a bundled transport bag cut from recycled tent flies.


Oh yeah, since they use recycled skis, the graphics and actual ski designs will vary, depending on what they can get their hands on. So, you may want to cross your fingers and hope you get something pretty awesome.

Available now, the Looptworks Folding Shot Ski is priced at $149.

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