L’Oreal Paris Colorsonic Makes Dying Your Own Hair Easier Than Ever

Over the past couple of years, L’Oreal has shown off their hair color device at CES events, where it’s been regularly greeted with excitement from people who can’t wait to see it on the market. Well, that time has finally come with the L’Oreal Paris Colorsonic now accepting preorder pledges on Kickstarter.

What exactly is it? The outfit describes it as a “hair color device that makes applying hair dye foolproof and mess-free.” That’s right, it simplifies hair coloring in such a way that you can do it any time all by your lonesome with no need for complicated equipment or products. Honestly, we’re loving all this hair-care tech coming out in recent years.

The L’Oreal Paris Colorsonic is a handheld device that actually resembles a giant electric toothbrush with equally oversized bristles that look like they will damage instead of clean your teeth. Seriously, this thing is big. Of course, those bristles are large because they’re not meant to clean the teeth, instead having been designed to “comb” through your hair, allowing it to reach hair down to the roots for effective color application. The device itself can be split in half to reveal a compartment inside, which is meant to house one of the outfit’s color cartridges, while a single button on the device keeps operation simple.

So how do you use it? First, you need to choose a cartridge and pop it inside the designated compartment. From there, you simply press the lone button on the device body, which triggers the bristles to move, and comb the whole thing through your hair, with the device automatically mixing and applying the color every step of the way. According to the outfit, the device part and saturates every strand of hair to ensure even color distribution, while moving at a rate of 300 times per minute to ensure it’s able to color your hair at an accelerated pace. How accelerated? L’Oreal claims it can cover up to 20,000 hair strands every 60 seconds, which should take it no more than five minutes to color most people’s hair from root-to-tip. Yep, that sounds impressive.

The L’Orea Paris Colorsonic comes with sensors that can actually detect specific characteristics on different people’s hair, which prompts it to adjust the operating speed to only extrude the ideal amount of hair color. We don’t know the details of that algorithm, but we assume they know what they’re doing. Since you’re doing color at home, you can touch up the roots of your hair regularly, which requires you to just perform the same process of running it over your head, albeit with a close focus on the roots rather than the whole strand.

As for the cartridges, there will be 20 different colors available upon release, with likely more to come if the device actually proves successful. Each cartridge holds enough formula to complete one full head application or up to three root touch-ups. The device comes with LED indicators that show how much hair color formula is left on the cartridge, so you know exactly when you need to swap out a fresh one.

The L’Orea Paris Colorsonic is slated to come out in June. If you want to get in early, they’re offering prelaunch sales now on Kickstarter, priced starting at $125.

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