These Lotus Belle Tents Provide Luxury Shelter Fit For Nomad Kings

Sleeping under the stars? Sounds sweet. Doing it while lying inside a cramped tent with four other people? Sounds icky. If you’re not up to the inconvenience of slumming it to enjoy the outdoors, forget regular camping tents and pick up one of Lotus Belle’s luxury “glamping” tents instead.

Enough headroom to accommodate walking upright? Check. Spacious floor area that can hold your Iorca Chic Bed, a couch, and whole load of creature comforts? Check. A fancy style fit to house a traveling sultan from the Middle Ages? Check.

Two styles of Lotus Belle Tents are available: standard and Outback, both of which come in 13- and 16-foot versions. The standard version features a round shape (the measurements are the diameter of the floor area), with stylish pointed roofs, a 10.5-foot center pole, 350 gsm tent canvas construction, and integrated roof vents for comfort. The Outback version gets the same thing, but adds zippered mesh windows, a zippered mesh door, a zippered rectangular back wall panel, and larger roof vents. The entire thing can pack in a large duffel bag measuring 4 x 1.3 x 1.3 feet, so you can cram it in the trunk of a car with no problem (probably with extra room to spare).

Setup probably won’t be easy, with 10 supporting poles and multiple guy ropes for anchoring (they estimate around 45 minutes for one person who knows what he’s doing), although that will ensure it will stand up exceptionally to any winds (they claim customers report it standing up to 62mph winds). Of course, it’s also waterproof, apart from being resistant to mold, mildew, rot, and fire.

The Lotus Belle Tents are available now, with prices starting at $1,750.

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