LoungePac Is An All-In-One Folding Recliner

Just when you thought nobody could upstage your versatile All-in-One Portable Chair when you bring it to the beach, somebody shows up and dazzles you with the LoungePac, an even crazier multi-purpose beach chair that combines six products into one luggable monstrosity.

Perfect for those afternoons you decide to walk to the nearest beach, the contraption can hold your lotions, towels, wine bottles, cans of beer, snacks and whatever else you need to bring inside its numerous containers while you drag it.  At the beach, simply take apart the locks and it turns into a full-featured reclining lounger where you can chill the day away.

For your stash, the LoungePac integrates a tote bag (for your towels and what-not), a cooler (can fit either six cans of beer or two bottles of wine), and a storage compartment under the seat measuring 18 x 21 inches (for your snacks and books and more beer).  When folded up, it looks just like regular luggage that you can drag with one hand while you stroll merrily down the boardwalk.  The catch?  It weighs 22 pounds empty, so it’s probably not going to be that merry of a stroll while lugging it around.

Ready to chill?  Just open the thing (less than 10 seconds) to turn it into a lounger, complete with a reclining backrest and leg support.  Want a chair instead?  Just remove the leg support, use it as an ottoman (or a makeshift table) and you’ve got your chair.  It comes with an adjustable 12-inch foam pillow, an optional umbrella and an optional sound system that powers on four AAA batteries.

The LoungePac is available from Amazon, priced at $259.99.

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