Love Handles Chair Lets You Leave Your Mark Whether You Like It Or Not


Your pants may not make your ass look fat, but here’s a couch that will.  Called Love Handles, it’s a thermochromatic chair that changes color when any part of your body touches it.  Oooh…your ass looks way fat.

Created by Nuno Erin, the full-figured lounge chair looks like regular sitting furniture.  After getting up from it, though, you’ll shriek in horror as you watch your bum, thighs, arms and, pretty much, every part of your body register on the surface, providing a testament to your current…uhm…physical challenges.


How does the Love Handles do it?  The comfy-looking seat is coated with a thermo-sensitive finish that changes color in response to body heat, leaving a temporary print of the different body parts that come in contact with it.  The markings will stay intact for up to several minutes, allowing people in the same room to make fun of you for a good amount of time.

The finish is available in several colors, allowing you to match them with your interior like any piece of furnishing.  If you’ve been thinking of going on a slimming program, this thing sounds like it can help for extra motivation.  Of course, you can always just hire me to make fun of your fat ass.  I can do that for pennies, which should be much cheaper.

We’re not sure about pricing, but the Love Handles chair is available now, direct from their production facilities in Mississippi.   Now, how about a bed that does the same?  Sounds like it could be a hoot.

[Nuno Erin via Design Boom]