Lovers Deep Submarine Hotel Lets You Experience The Mile-Low Club

Doing the nasty in an airplane bathroom and bragging about being in the mile-high club just doesn’t carry the same notoriety it used to. It’s just grown trite. If you want to be in the cutting edge, forget the mile-high club and join the cool kids at the mile-low club with Lovers Deep.

Available from Oliver’s Travels, it’s a luxury submarine that couples can book to take them deep in the seas while partaking in the joys of romantic union. That’s right, you can literally take the bedroom action to new depths (way deeper than the Manta Resort’s Underwater Room), creating an entirely fresh experience that you’re likely to treasure till the end of time.

Lovers Deep can be situated just off the coast of any Caribbean island of your choice, waiting for you to arrive via speedboat. If you’re too classy for splashing water while you speed through the waves, you can opt for helicopter transfer, too, complete with rose petal scattering as you step out. Once you’re in, the sub will dive way beneath the surface, taking you to maximum depths of 650 feet. We know, 650 feet isn’t exactly mile-low — but you don’t have to tell your friends such insignificant details.

Getting in the mood to consummate the experience is part of the package, of course, which is why each booking comes accompanied by an aphrodisiac tasting menu, along with any particular mood-setting request you can come up with. Well, any reasonable request, at least — we doubt the captain on board will give in to playing nothing but Celine Dion in all the submarine speakers throughout the duration of your stay.

Pricing for Lovers Deep starts at £175,000 a night.

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