Use The Lowepro GearUp Case To Organize And Protect Your Gadgets


Some people can get through a day carrying nothing but their phones. Others need a laptop along with a phone to get their day in order. Some need a lot more. A whole lot more. The Lowepro GearUp Case is designed with that third group of folks in mind.

Designed as a way to organize and protect consumer electronics during transit, the case holds all your gadgets in one place so they don’t move around in your backpack while you’re on the move. No more camera stacked on top of a hard drive on top of a power supply on top of headphones on top of a mess of wires – the darn thing lets you tidy up all the gadgets you need in their own little space in your pack.


While the Lowepro GearUp Case can be used on its own, the idea is to use it as an organizing tool. As such, it won’t fit your laptop, but makes room for everything else that usually go in your gear bag. That means, you should still keep your laptop at its regular home in your backpack, but you can use this instead to hold everything else in a secure and organized manner. To ensure your gadgets are protected, the sides of each case reinforced with padding, ensuring items outside won’t affect whatever’s stashed inside the case compartments.

Each rectangular case comes with a zippered opening on one side, which leads to a removable two-sided organizer panel. On one side, the organizer panel has a single elastic strap that’s divided into several sections for stashing slightly bigger devices like microphones, hard drives, and portable routers as well as a small pouch on the bottom sized for documents and instruction booklets, while the other side has multiple rows of elastic straps for holding smaller gadgets like chargers, thumb drives, and ear buds. Remove the organizer panel to reveal multiple dual-padded pockets that you can use to hold anything that will fit inside.


The Lowerpro GearUp Case comes in three sizes: mini (8.66 x 1.77 x 5.51 inches), medium (11.02 x 1.77 x 5.51 inches), and large (11.42 x 3.15 x 6.69 inches). The large can hold point-and-shoot cameras, although it won’t quite fit mirrorless and DSLR shooters, while the mini is, basically, an organizer for thumb drives, chargers, and cords. If you need to bring a large camera along, you can probably stash it in the backpack and put all the other accessories in the case instead. They also have an upcoming Camera Box in the GearUp line specifically for that need.


Double-slider 360-degree zippers ensure you can open the whole case for easy access to its contents, while a scratch-resistant translucent material lets you see inside the case without having to open it. Each one comes with a carry handle, so you can easily take it out of the bag when you need access to your electronics.

Want one? The Lowerpro GearUp Case is available now.

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