Lucid Mirror Adds A Moving Cloudscape To Your Reflection

The Lucid Mirror works like any other wall-mounted mirror, helping you see a clear reflection whenever you fix your hair, manscape your goatee, or pop your zits.   Once you activate the hidden switch, however, things take a turn for the interesting, showing a moving cloudscape scene that serves as a backdrop to any image that is reflected across the mirrored surface.

Designed by Adam Frank, the moving clouds and sunbeams turn the otherwise regular mirror into a decorative wall item, providing a mounted display that’s dynamic and vibrant while also reflecting the immediate space.  The clouds and sunbeams are taken from a real dimensional video of cloud formations, which pop out from the mirror and move their way slowly towards the edges.

The Lucid Mirror comes in two sizes, portrait (15 x 13 inches) and wide (36 x 24 inches), both of them set on a frame that’s 1.5 inches thick.  The mirror goes from end to end, creating a legitimately mesmerizing effect, especially when combined with the cloudscape scene.  LEDs installed in the frame help illuminate the moving clouds, complete with a dimmer for brightness control, so it can double as additional ambient lighting for the room if needed.   The LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours of continuous use and can be easily replaced if you ever manage to exhaust its lifespan.  Construction is aluminum for the frame and acrylic for the mirror.

Available from the MOMA Store, the Lucid Mirror retails for $890.

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