Lucie Koldová’s Fitness Furniture Turns Closet, Table Into Home Gym Equipment


Dedicated exercise equipment belongs in the gym.  For getting a quick workout while you’re at home, Lucie Koldová’s Fitness Furniture makes the most sense, allowing you to have functional home fixtures that you can also use to work up a sweat.

I know, I know.  You already use home furnishings to get a workout.  Do realize, though, that doing shrugs with the sofa and bicep curls with the HDTV aren’t the best way to spend your exercise time.  In fact, you’ll probably end up breaking either them or one of your bones at some point.  So try to cut back on all that heavy lifting.


Geared towards allowing light, bodyweight-exploiting movements, Lucie’s showcase for her 2009 Diploma project uses a minimal amount of pieces that can be arranged as regular furniture for bedrooms or other areas of the house.  Three items come with the exhibit – a multi-function closet, a table that can double as equipment for dips and an attractive mat for performing floor exercises.


Most notable of the objects is the storage cabinet, which feature shelves that protrude out of the door.  When open, you can treat them like any regular storage area, throwing your heaps of crap on each level. When closed, it becomes a neat series of bars that you can use for any number of exercises, such as pull ups and leg raises.  Throw in an elastic rope and get yourself some light-resistance stretching.  Heck, you can even lift the entire cabinet if you insist on building up explosive strength.

You can check out the rest of the pics from her site at the link below.

[Lucie Koldová via Storage and Glee]