This Tyvek Newspaper Manbrella Is Perfect For Dudes

I don’t like carrying umbrellas much.  I’m not entirely sure why.  I know plenty of dudes who are the same way.  Maybe it’s because the thing cramps our style (yeah, even the cool-looking Gunbrella ain’t workin’).  Or maybe because we just don’t care about the rain.  Or maybe we’re just really dumb.  At any rate, here’s an umbrella I can get behind: the Manbrella.

When you don’t carry an umbrella, you make up for it in other ways.  Me, I like wearing a hoodie for precisely that reason.  Other folks like to have a jacket in tow to be ready for the rain.  And some, those whose powers are beyond that of puny beings like me, make do with whatever they can grab, like a broadsheet, a magazine or their bags.  This unique shelter-from-the-rain offers an equally effective (or silly, depending on how you look at it) option.

The Manbrella is kind of like an umbrella but clad in the shape and likeness of a tabloid newspaper.  When used, it “pops up” into a large tabloid umbrella measuring 68.5 x 47 x 0.2 cm, allowing you to stay dry under its protective canopy.  When put away, it can fold flat into a small bundle that you can easily cram into a bag, sparing you from the trouble of having to carry a long, bulky umbrella around.

Why not just carry a thick broadsheet newspaper?  Because this isn’t paper. Instead, the entire thing is clad in Tyvek, making it tear-proof and waterproof.  The structure of the umbrella frame is made using memory wire, so it also never loses the ability to pop open when you need it.

Want one?  It’s sold by Luckies in the UK, priced at £12.95.

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