Use The Lucy Mirror To Illuminate Your Home With Natural Sunlight


When it comes to illuminating a room, nothing beats the natural light of the sun. Problem is, we live in houses where the placement of windows aren’t always ideal to taking advantage of all that sunlight throughout the day. While you can redesign your home to maximize the entry of natural light, you should be able to save yourself some major construction work with the Lucy Mirror.

Described as an “intelligent mirror,” the device is designed to soak in sunlight and reflect it towards any desired place in your home. With some clever planning, you can illuminate erstwhile inaccessible areas of the house with sunlight, giving you the invigorating illumination of natural light all while cutting down on your electricity use.


To use the Lucy Mirror, users will need to set it down in a place where it has a line-of-sight to both the sun and the space requiring illumination. From there, you manually point its nose towards the ceiling of the room you want to illuminate to ensure it scatters the natural glow evenly around the room. That’s it. A built-in autonomous system will track the sun’s movement, constantly adjusting its mirror at an angle where the device can receive maximum sunlight. There’s no need to charge or plug it in either, since it powers using sunlight, making its use a relatively set-and-forget affair.

Clad in a sphere shape measuring 11.81 inches, it comes with a resting post that allows you to set it down conveniently. They’re also planning to sell additional mounting options, including multidirectional arms, so you can get even more creative with the way you can light up your home. By the way, the sphere is hermetically closed, so you can use this both indoors and outdoors, even in the midst of rain.

Now available for preorder, Lucy is priced at $150.

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