Lugcup Adds A Cupholder Wherever You Need One

As much as you’d like to carry a travel mug anywhere you go, it just doesn’t make sense in many situations, like when you’re riding a Zuumer or hauling a luggage trolley, especially when you’re not sure you’ll have a convenient place to hold it in.  And things will remain that way until you get yourself a Lugcup.

An add-on cup holder, it can easily strap onto a variety of objects, allowing you to equip them with a proper receptacle for your drinks.  Your kick scooter’s handlebar?  Yep, you can have a cup holder there.  The push-handle on your baby’s stroller?  That too.  How about the rails on the staircase where you hang out during your coffee breaks?  Yes, that will work as well.  Basically, any handle, rail or bar where the mounting straps can fit are good to go.

The Lugcup is a portable cup holder designed to hold coffee cups, soda bottles and travel mugs.  Construction is flexible thermoplastic rubber, so you can use it to hold drinking vessels with a 20 oz. capacity and smaller.  It uses a pair of 8-inch long straps to attach onto objects, which you secure using a Velcro closure.  Each one comes with a pair of double-sided foam tape which you can use for extra hold if it’s strapped to a slippery surface.

While it bears nowhere near the novelty value of the Drinklip, the Lugcup should make for a perfectly functional cup holder for your on-the-go needs.  It’s available from Amazon, priced at $19.95.

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