Lumenati CS1 Turns Your iPhone Into A Super 8 Camera


Super 8 cameras were well-loved in their time for their cool designs, convenient operation, and ergonomic ease. What if you can bring those same qualities when filming scenes on your smartphone? That’s the selling point behind the Lumenati CS1, an iPhone accessory that combines the Super 8 form factor with the smartphone’s digital filming talents.

Described as a “cinematic smartphone case,” the device turns an erstwhile iPhone into a Super 8 camera. We’re not just talking about it looking like a Super 8 rig, you literally use it like one, too, so you can film children’s birthdays and family reunions the same way your dad (or grandpa) did back in the day.


When using the Lumenati CS1, you insert your phone into the case similar to the way film is inserted in a Super 8 camera, recreating the classic experience for an entirely new generation. Just like the vintage filmmaking tool, it comes with a long handle to ensure steady shots, a focusing viewfinder that you can stick your face into, and a trigger out front for quickly starting and stopping a recording session. It even comes with three swappable 58mm lenses (wide, fisheye, and telephoto) to give you added shooting options, as well as a cold shoe on top for attaching lights, microphones, or handles to aid in your shoots. Do note, you’ll need to use it with the accompanying app during filming (the viewfinder won’t work otherwise), which does look feature-rich, complete with the option to make your recordings look like pseudo-Super 8 movies.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Lumenati CS1. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $199.

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