LumiLor Turns Everything Into An Electroluminiscent Object

Electroluminescent (EL) wires make for some amazing light displays.  While there is plenty you can do with them, those thin strands do put a lot of limits on what you can turn into a glowing mass.  The LumiLor changes that.

Made by Darkside Scientific LLC, it’s a coating you can layer on any object to give it an electroluminescent surface.  Like EL wires, the coating will illuminate with a glowing light when a current is passed through, making it possible to use the glow-on-demand technology in a variety of applications that require it.  Imagine, for instance, creating motorcycles and bicycles with frames that glow completely during nighttime rides, haunted house rides with creatures that glow at event-triggered intervals, glowing giant robots and more.

While LumiLor can be applied to any surface just like paint, you can’t just use a random brush to apply it.  Instead, it needs to be sprayed onto the target object, to ensure precision during application.  Practically any surface is fair game, including metals, plastics and woods.  While the actual solution is non-toxic (they claim LumiLor can be inhaled with no repercussions), they’re restricting sales to accredited outfits who undergo proper training and certification.  We’re guessing this will change somewhere down the line when the demand for something like this spills over to the hobbyists and tinkerers among us.

According to Darkside, it uses the same power sources used in EL wires and panels, so the coating is the only unique component to the system.  The coating is permanent, too, so you can keep your crappy Honda glowing in a bright light for as long as you want with one application (or until you scratch it badly, whichever happens first).

No pricing is listed on the LumiLor website, although you can inquire for further details on pricing and certification.

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