LuminAID Solar Lamp Packs Flat, Inflates For Use

Some people like to hit the outdoors with a trailer full of supplies.  Others like to pack light, carefully choosing their stash to maximize mobility.   The LuminAID Light is designed for that second type of nature geek.

While other portable emergency lamps can fit in pockets, fit into spare compartments or clip on to your belt, this one packs flat in a pile that’s even thinner than your wallet (considering you’re dead broke, it’s pretty amazing). That way, you can literally squeeze into any available space in your jacket, pants or backpack.

The LuminAID Light is a solar-rechargeable lamp that comes in an inflatable bag.  Just leave it in the sun for 4 to 6 hours to top up with juice and it will be ready to illuminate your environment for up to 6 hours at a time.  Fully charged, the onboard LEDs can provide 4 hours of use at 35 lumens (bright enough for reading) or 6 hours at 20 lumens (for safety lighting).

Once you’re ready to use the lamp, just blow into the semi-transparent waterproof plastic material (which diffuses the LED lighting) to get it to inflated size and turn the power button on.  All electronics — including the LEDs and the solar panel — are housed inside the material, so they’re fully insulated from the elements.  And, yes, it can float on water, too, so you can use it for emergency lighting when all the world’s iceberg thaws out and floods the earth in 2012. No, really, it’s gonna happen.

Makers LuminAID Lab is gearing for a January 2012 ship date. You can pre-order the LuminAID Light now for $25, which will have one unit sent your way and a second item donated to a community that needs it.