Luminair Tree Tent: Forget Cabins, Get A Tree House Instead

You just bought a sweet piece of property by the lake a couple hours off city limits.  And you’ve been thinking of using it as your hiding grounds in case of an apocalyptic event.  While you can always buy one of those pre-fab Bunkies for that, we’re thinking something like the Luminair Tree Tent will be plenty more appropriate. Just don’t confuse it with Cocoon tree hanging tent we covered in the past.

If you’re hiding from threats, a tree-mounted shelter is definitely a lot safer than an exposed cabin.  Mount it high enough and you can see anything coming from far distances, giving you plenty of advantages during such hectic survival situations.

Unlike regular tents, the Luminair Tree Tent isn’t meant for dragging around with you to set up camp wherever you end up resting for the night.  Instead, it’s meant to install semi-permanently, similar to the tree house you had in the backyard when you were younger.  Have it installed by your lakeside property (takes about 3 to 4 hours if installed by the company themselves) deep in the woods and you’ll be ready to escape from the suburbs the moment an apocalyptic threat rears its ugly head.

A spherical living space, it measures 3 meters in diameter (enough to hold two adults) and weighs a total of 264 pounds when put together.  Like proper tents, it features a waterproof cotton canvas skin, wrapped around a hybrid aluminum and steam-bent ash structure.  It comes with built-in flooring and winter thermal liners (so you don’t have to freeze to death when the apocalypse happens during cold weather), as well as optional amenities like a wood stove, water storage and electrical facilities.  Entryway options include retractable ladders, rope bridges or raised walkways.

Hopefully, you’re also willing to spare no expense for apocalypse-readiness, because the Luminair Tree Tent costs a slightly pricey £8,000.

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