Your House Will Seem Magical With These Moon-Like Luna Lamps Inside It


You like howling at the full moon. Why? Maybe you have a psychological problem. Or maybe you’re just weird in an adorable manner. Either way, it’s not always that easy, since we don’t exactly get a full moon every single night. What you need is your own full moon inside the house that you can howl at any time you feel like it and that’s exactly what the Luna Lamp delivers.

Made by Taiwan-based Acorn Studio, it’s a lamp that looks like a full moon when lit up. It can be set down on the floor, propped down on a table, or hung from a hook on the ceiling, giving you a personal moon to howl at, dance to, and worship like a lunar deity any time of the day.


Luna Lamps come in seven diameter sizes, ranging from a tiny 3.2 inches (which should work well as reading lamp) to a sizable 23.6 inches (if you want the most realistic moon you can get). Each one is made from fiberglass and non-toxic latex, with enough toughness to survive crashes (it’s round, so it’s going to slide off the table and onto the floor occasionally), enough seal to shrug off water (just water-resistant, so don’t bring it to the bathroom), and enough detail to look like that place where astronauts pretended to land back in the 60s while wearing space shoes similar to the Mission Boot Sneakers. No, it’s not topographically accurate, but you can always pretend all of NASA’s maps are wrong and this is actually the correct layout of that giant rock in space.


It comes with a 13 feet power cord that has an integrated control for adjusting the light glow. The onboard LEDs are rated for a lifespan of ten years.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for Luna Lamps. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $75.

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