AiFeet Makes 3D-Printed Elastic Insoles Customized To Every Curve And Contour Of Your Feet

Using aftermarket insoles is one of the easier ways to make any footwear a whole lot more comfortable. Whether you’re spending the day in a pair of sneakers, work boots, or dress shoes, a well-designed insole that fits your foot better and comes with more supportive materials just elevates the experience significantly. While there are plenty of aftermarket insoles out there, the AiFeet aims to do them one better by coming in a custom fit that’s designed specifically for each individual.

No, you can’t get this off the shelf like the Dr. Scholls you’re using with your favorite work shoe. That’s because each one is 3D-printed according to your feet’s individual specifications, ensuring a perfect fit that recreates every curve and contour of your feet.

The LuxCreo AiFeet are insoles made of a high-performance elastic resin called EM+21, a material that, the outfit claims, is equipped with high elasticity, high tenacity, and high resiliency, giving the insole superior shock absorption. That means, the insole can absorb a lot of impact that would otherwise be passed on to your ankles and knees, making this ideal not just for walking but for exercise and similar vigorous physical activities. The resin also boasts superior durability compared to EVA foam (the material most frequently used for insoles), as it’s been tested to only decrease by 5 percent in thickness after 1,000,000 fatigue cycles while EVA decreases by an average of 30 percent after just 300,000 fatigue cycles.

It uses a 3D-printed mesh matrix structure with optimized thickness at strategic sections, allowing it to provide stiffness where necessary (e.g. arch support), all while retaining its elasticity to help cushion every step and stride you take. That mesh structure also makes it very breathable, as air is able to circulate all around the insole, all while allowing any moisture to pass through, which should help minimize, if not outright eliminate, any sweating on your feet.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to go in to LuxCreo AiFeet’s offices for a custom fitting. Instead, you simply download their app and use it with your phone’s camera to scan the bottom of your feet, which it will use to automatically create a customized plantar pressure map. From there, you place an order, which will go directly to the factory for printing. According to the outfit, the whole process of getting a custom insole should take around three days, with the entire ordering process done from the app. We’re assuming, of course, you can also reorder additional insoles using the captured measurements from the same app, so all your subsequent orders should be even easier.

Because sweat doesn’t accumulate on the insole, it doesn’t develop any odors, making it very easy to maintain over time. It’s also pretty easy to clean if it does get soiled, as the mesh design means you can simply run it under the tap to easily wash off any dirt or stain. Suffice to say, if it does provide the custom comfort level it promises, this is an excellent way to immediately elevate all of your footwear.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the AiFeet. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $10.

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