Enjoy The Amazon Piranhas And Anacondas In Luxurious Comfort


The Amazon is a pretty cool and gnarly place at the same time.  It’s got piranhas, giant anacondas (well, they do in the movies) and other scary creatures to complement the striking walls of green surrounding the river.  Simply put, it’s one awesome way to get a break from your humdrum existence.

If you’re going to hit Peru’s Amazon River, you may as well do it in style, right?  Aqua Expeditions’ cruise aboard the M/V Aqua seems to offer just that.   According to the company, it’s the first “true” luxury ship to offer guests the experience of the northern Amazon River, providing an “extraordinary level of comfort” while you ogle all the crazy sights.  You know, like an oversized anaconda feasting on the carcasses of Hollywood celebrities.


The M/V Aqua is a 130-foot boat, with all the ruggedness such a treacherous area requires and all the luxury that a bored-out-of-his-wits office drone deserves.  Traversing the wild waters of the Amazon since 2007, it can accommodate 24 guests plus crew.  It comes with three fully-outfitted decks, an indoor bar, an observation deck, four Master Suites and eight regular suites, with the smallest room measuring an extravagant 230 feet.  Yay.

Cruises last several days (3-, 4- and 7-night trips are available) and includes sojourns outside the ship.  Activities include a trip to Yacapana Islands (where iguanas and pink dolphins rule the roost), ghetto-style treks deep into the rainforests armed with torches and piranha hunting.  No word on “piss off giant anaconda day,” though I assume it’s covered in the itinerary.


Pricing depends on length of the cruise and the suite, but ranges from $2,250 to $5,600.  For the chance of being swallowed and spit alive by a giant anaconda… not bad.

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