Luxurious Oculus Yacht Styles Itself As A Giant Fish-Head


Luxury yachts, for the most part, typically sport the same sexy frames.  Occasionally, though, you chance upon one with such an unconventional styling that you just have know more.  The Oculus Yacht, whose lines resemble the head of a giant fish, is one such craft.

From afar, you’d probably think it was a robot fish straight out of Voltes V, swallowing the folks lined up on its deck.  Up close, you’d likely realize (erringly) that it really is a gigantic beast and try to get away as fast as you can.  Of course, you’ll be wrong on both instances, since it’s not a Prince Zardo creation at all.  Rather, it’s just a really opulent ride with a decided resemblance to last night’s seafood dinner.

Sporting a low-rider profile (characterized by a lowered surface) and a reverse bow configuration, the yacht can manage speeds of over 25 knots, with that gaping mouth scaring sightseers from the rear.  As a result, it looks like a giant fish running backwards, which only adds to the luxury watercraft’s eccentric flavor.

Designed to fit 12 people in “extraordinary comfort and style”, guests will get treated to amenities you otherwise couldn’t find inside the guts of real sea creature.  Of course, creator Schöpfer Yachts LLC is still in the process of building the 250-foot Oculus Yacht, so all we can do for now is guess what will actually sit inside those walls.  I hope they add in a couple of sharp teeth just for good measure.

[Schopfer Yachts via Design Yearbook]