Foosball Goes Luxury: 11 The Beautiful Game

Even the rich play foosball, too.  And If you’re excreting money through the nose, why play it on the same cheap tables that the beer-chuggin’ masses do?  This is where wealthy get their foosball jollies: 11 The Beautiful Game.

Yes, the name  is silly, even if it does have some semblance of sense (you get 11 inanimate fielders on each team).  But it’s foosball on a hand-built luxury game table custom-made by a Dutch design firm with their army of “skilled European craftsmen,” and it looks wicked.

First shown off at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2008, 11 The Beautiful Game feature what appears to be a single-piece, all-metal table with ridiculous sweeping curves and a jet black exterior that’s bound to be a centerpiece in any game room.  The playing area is set in a blinding white field with banked walls that facilitate a smoother surface for the orange ball.

All eight rods are individually-machined from a single piece of brass (including the players) with a polished silver chrome finish that extend all the way to the handles.  Circular lights set across midfield automatically keep score, while the ball return slot flashes a white light until the ball is retrieved after a goal.

Suffice to say, your foosball table will look ghetto next to 11 The Beautiful Game any day of the week.  Heck, your neighborhood bar will probably cower in shame if they put this thing inside its ugly walls.  I’d probably be scared to play with it, considering each one is made to order (around three months to construct) and is priced at 48,500 Euros.