SmartSlydr Automates Your Sliding Doors And Windows

Sliding doors and windows have become a popular fixture in many contemporary homes. They bring definite upsides, after all, from the unobstructed views and the amount of light they let in to the minimal amount of space they take up during opening and closing. The Lychee Things SmartSlydr wants to make those sliding fixtures even better by letting you remotely trigger their opening and closing.

While sliding a door to open and close isn’t all that hard, automating it does make things just a bit more convenient. You can trigger the door to open as you walk towards it, for instance, so you can step out without missing a stride. You also won’t have to walk all the way back when you forget to close it – just issue a voice command or use the app to have it close all on its own. For pet owners (no, Tamagotchis don’t count), it also gives them a convenient way to let their pets in and out without having to be right at the door at any given time.

The Lychee Things SmartSlydr consists of a bar with the sliding mechanism and a cap that attaches to the door or window that you want to control. To install, simply mount the bar to the top of a door frame or the bottom of a window frame (you’ll need to screw down the included mounts for doors, but can use adhesive backing for the windows), then attach the cap to the door or window. From there, you connect the moving head along the frame to the cap and you’re done – the fixture can be opened and closed remotely as soon as you connect it to your home network’s Wi-Fi.

It comes with a companion app that you can use to trigger the opening or closing, as well as check the status of each window and door in your home. There’s also an option to schedule opening and closing at certain times throughout the day, so you can schedule a time to let you dogs play in the backyard. Aside from the app, you can also use voice commands, with support for Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, making it very convenient to use.

The Lychee Things SmartSlydr is offered with an optional accessory called OneButton, which is a physical device you can use to open any door or window it’s paired with by simply pushing the button. It’s an alternative for folks who don’t really enjoy spending all day carrying their phone or talking with their virtual assistants.  Additionally, the OneButton can be attached to your pet’s collar as a trigger that will alert you whenever your pet is at the door, allowing you to open it to let them in, so they can chill at their dog bed.

According to the outfit, the system is compatible with any door and window that uses sliding panels between 18 to 60 inches, which should allow it to work with most two-, three-, and four-panel sliding fixtures. It pulls the structure using 18 pounds of force, by the way, so unless you have a ridiculously reinforced door, it should be able to handle the weight.

The Lychee Things SmartSlydr is currently on preorder, priced at $50, with the OneButton costing $25.

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