M-Cuisine Stackable Cooking Set Lets You Microwave Multiple Dishes In One Go


A quick search on the internet can turn up plenty of things you can cook in a microwave beyond Hot Pockets and frozen TV dinners, including meats, pastas, and desserts. And while any microwave-safe container can work for whipping up a microwave-cooked meal, the M-Cuisine Stackable Cooking Set lets you make multiple dishes in one go.

Made by Joseph Joseph, it’s a set of round cooking containers sized to fit perfectly on a microwave plate that you can stack for cooking several food items at the same time. It’s versatile, too, allowing you to whip up a variety of dishes, ensuring you can vary your microwave meals from one day to the next.


The M-Cuisine Stackable Cooking Set consists of four pieces: a pot, a steamer, a griddle, and a lid. Use the pot to cook pasta, rice, potatoes, stews, and other main dishes, while steaming your veggies and shallow frying a porkchop on the griddle. The lid ensures oil or butter from the griddle won’t go flying around inside the microwave, while also doubling as a shallow plate when flipped upside down. Because the components can stack on top of another, you can pause the microwave to add or remove pieces at any point, so you can prepare dishes together, regardless of cooking time requirements. Construction is injection-molded polypropylene that can be used in microwaves up to 900W. When stacked, it measures 9.75 x 8 x 6.75 inches.


A part of Joseph Joseph’s new line of cooking containers designed for microwave ovens, the M-Cuisine Stackable Cooking Set is priced at $42.

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