M55 EVO-001 Bills Itself The Ferrari Of Electric Bikes

Hungary-based company M55 just developed a new motorized bicycle and they’re not holding back on the superlatives. In fact, they’re going so far as to bill the M55 EVO-001 as the “Ferrari of Electric Bikes.” Really.

According to the company, it’s taken three years and five prototypes to come up with their two-wheeled Ferrari, but they’re obviously stoked by the results. It’s hardly the sleekest-looking pedal-motor hybrid I’ve laid eyes on, but if it can perform according to the claims, they just might attract some serious fans.

The M55 EVO-001 will come in two models – a road-legal version and an off-road sport variant. The former will get a modest, mid-mounted 250W (.33 hp) motor, while the latter will rock a considerably more potent powertrain, pumping out 1300W (1.7 hp). Neither model supports manual acceleration, with the motor speed automatically adjusting, depending on how hard you hit the pedal.

From what we can tell, the sport version is probably the “Ferrari” they’re referring to. According to the company, it will feature five speeds, a 14-gear Rohloff Speedhub in the rear and a top speed of 43 mph. Both bikes will get a one-piece aluminum frame, Brembo disk brakes and an integrated 39.6V battery pack.

Calling yourself the “Ferrari” of anything is kind of a tall order, so I’m guessing M55 will get more flak for the claim than anything. I should know, because I call myself the Ferrari of the Bedroom. Which I really am, by the way. Only 250 of the M55 EVO-001 will be made, with production expected to finish up sometime in May. No word on pricing, but expect it to be steep.

[M55 via Diseno Art]