M80 Vertigo Standing Guitar Case: No More Bending Over

You may not be the best guitar player in the club tonight.  Heck, you’re barely even intermediate.  You don’t care, though — chicks don’t really dig dudes that can wax magical on those ancient instruments with strings anymore.  All you really care about is how cool you can look with one.  The M80 Vertigo Electric Case ensures you’ve got the style over substance part down pat.

Bending down to open your guitar case, taking out the instrument and getting back up to plug it in is simple enough.  But it’s awkward.  And nowhere near as cool as grabbing the guitar out the side of a partially unzipped standing case just like pulling a rabbit out of the hat, plugging it in and ripping an out-of-tune rendition of your signature song.

To allow access to the guitar in a standing position, the M80 Vertigo Electric Case features an angled hinge in its lower half, giving you easy access to grab the neck and yank the thing out.  The lower half uses a rubberized slab to keep it standing, apart from protecting it from hard surfaces (it will bounce off concrete, according to the product page).  Unlike other soft-shell guitar cases, it won’t just collapse into a bundle the moment you take out its contents, either.  Instead, the thing stays upright, waiting for the time you drop that six-string back to chill out in the bar while groupies hit on you.  Or music geeks buy you drinks, whichever the case may be.

Features include a neck suspension system that requires no strapping, buckling or belting (just push the neck to the molded slot to keep it locked in), specialized storage compartments for extra gear, full water-resistance, and deep gussets for small items (like picks and extra strings).  It’s sized to fit all standard body electric guitars (yes, weird dude, it will probably fit your Di Donato).

The M80 Vertigo Electric Case is available now on Amazon, priced at $205.

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