These 1/12-Scale Portable Toilets Give Your Six-Inch Action Figures A Place To Relieve Themselves


There’s no shortage of accessories you can pair with your action figures, from weapons and cars to planes and household furniture. Heck, you can even build them a secret headquarters using actual miniature construction materials. What we haven’t seen, however, are facilities where they can relieve themselves those few times of irrepressible need throughout the day. Now we have in the form of these Mabell 1/12-Scale Portable Toilets.

That’s right, someone made a 1/12-scale mobile toilet for all your action figures, so they may crap, piss, and do whatever nasty things people do at the toilets in music festivals, outdoor events, and camping grounds. Yeah, we imagine that’s a lot of disgusting things, so brace yourself for a veritable festival of horrors that will likely come to pass with these things in tow.


There are three models of Mabell 1/12-Scale Portable Toilets: one containing a urinal, one containing a Japanese-style toilet, and one housing a Western-style bowl. All three come in a standard portable toilet setup, with its own enclosed cubicle and a door to give your action figures access to the facilities. Each one has a faithful rendition of their corresponding sanitation equipment, from the bowls and pipes to the cistern and flush handles. Simply put, these look like real toilets that you can use if you were as tall as your articulated action figures. Well, if someone hooks them up to an actual plumbing system anyway (or, at least, a treatment facility of sorts).

All of the models, by the way, are based on Japanese company Hamasetku’s portable toilets, so these are things people actually use out there on a regular basis. As such, these should make for excellent additions to tabletop dioramas for amusement parks, outdoor festivals, and job sites. Want to integrate it into a custom dollhouse for your daughter? That can work, as the top and sides can be removed for integrating into a custom bathroom setup.


Since these are 1/12-scale, the Mabell’s Portable Toilets should be perfect for six-inch action figures, so most of your articulated characters can have a place to do their private business, whether it’s Jean Claude Van Damme, Peter Quill, or Bruce Banner in full green monster mode. Well, maybe not the last one, but the rest of the action figures in a similar scale should fit in there without any problems.


Each one is made from ABS plastic, but the paint job successfully replicates the appearance of ceramics for the bowls and the tanks, as well as metals for the plumbing, door knobs, and other corresponding parts. So, yeah, it’s realistic as heck, making for a uniquely faithful addition to your toy collection. The cubicles measure 9.65 inches tall, by the way, in case you’re wondering how it will fit into a new project you’re planning.

Pricing for the Mabell 1/12-Scale Portable Toilets is set at $57.99 for the urinal model, with the two toilet models coming in at $59.99. It’s on pre-order now, with shipment expected sometime around November.

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