Machine Gun Tour At The Sebastian Hotel

You,  Me  A chopper (don’t worry, it’s not this wooden helicopter).  And bullets,  Lots of it.  That’s the promise of Sebastian Hotel’s Machine Gun Tour, a weekend getaway that involves unloading ammo from a helicopter in flight.

An optional service you can avail when you visit the Colorado hotel, the tour flies you over the Rocky Mountains in a genuine military gunship.  We’re not exactly sure where you’re going to be firing off the machine guns at, but we’re guessing it’s either a captive zombie colony high up in the mountains or an unpopulated private reserve in the middle of nowhere.  Of course, you can always commandeer the helicopter and find your own targets, but we don’t recommend that unless you have a death wish.

The Machine Gun Tour will have you soaring high in a Vietnam-era military surplus Huey helicopter, so you can live out your John Rambo dreams one afternoon while looking forward to some skiing the next day.  At your disposal is a full-auto mounted M60 machine gun, that you can arm with all the ammunition your vacation budget can pay for.

Full training is included for those who want to do the whole “fire an incessant stream of bullets” from the sky like an old-school military commando.   If you have no interest in listening to loud machine guns , though, don’t worry — the entire helicopter tour and training is held in a private valley a good distance away from the actual hotel, so you can enjoy your restful vacation in peace.

Sebastian Hotel’s Machine Gun Tour is an optional activity you can avail from their GI Jack & Jill Package.   Rates start at $725 per night for two guests.