Xbox 360 Gets Flight Controls With The Mad Catz Cyborg F.L.Y. 9

Why go through the hassle of being a real pilot when you can pretend to be one from the comfort of your couch? Spare yourself the expensive flying school fees with the Mad Catz Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 Wireless Flight Stick, the first flight sim controller ever approved for the Xbox 360.

Finally, you can play Heroes Over Europe and Blazing Angels without the burden of lame analog controllers, enjoying the level of accuracy and realism only a stick can deliver. While it’s no guarantee that you’ll win every aerial battle you encounter, handling should be a heck of a lot smoother than what you’ve ever experienced.

The Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 Wireless Flight Stick ships with an integrated adjustment tool that lets you modify the handle length, rake angle, head angle and button position, allowing you to customize it for unbeatable fit. It features throttle and twist rudder controls, vibration feedback and an adjustable base (for either lap or tabletop position).

Sure, it won’t turn you into a licensed aviator. With looks worthy of a spot in the spaceship I’m building to conquer Saturn (no, really) and the Cyborg line’s highly-acclaimed performance on the PC platform, it should at least be half as fun, apart from being nowhere near as dangerous. Who knows, maybe actually having a flight controller on board will finally get Microsoft to bring Flight Simulator to the Xbox too? Meh…wishful thinking.

In stores now, Mad Catz Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 Wireless Flight Stick is available for $99.99.  Ace Combat 6, prepare to be played to oblivion (or until my next Xbox RRODs, whichever comes first)!

[Cyborg Gaming]

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