Use The Mad Catz LYNX To Create Custom Gamepads For Your Android Devices


There’s no shortage of gamepads for playing on mobile devices as if you’re on a console at home. The Mad Catz LYNX, however, is no ordinary gamepad, sporting a modular design that lets you set it up into any bizarre configuration you desire.

Designed to work with Android smartphones and tablets, it lets you customize a control pad for mobile devices however the heck you want. Want a conventional-looking gamepad where you can mount a smartphone on top? Not a problem. How about mounting controls onto the sides of your tablet like the Razer Edge? Yep, that will work. Want to try a weird control setup like nothing you’ve ever seen? Sure.


The Mad Catz LYNX separates the controls into individual skeletal modules that you can then arrange and configure at will. It comes packing a full set of controls, too (D-pad, action buttons, joysticks, and shoulder buttons), so you’ll have every element you need for whatever game you decide to play, along with palm rests and a clip for holding the mobile devices. The best part? Since the set is modular, the whole thing can pack down into a small oval shape, making it easier to transport than conventional gamepads that are bulky as heck.

Aside from the gaming controls, LYNX also comes with a full QWERTY keyboard that attaches at the bottom of the rig, so you can use it to type on mobile devices without tapping on virtual keys. Oh yeah, it can also pair with Bluetooth-enabled PCs running Windows 7 or later, so you can use it as a PC gaming controller, in case your favorite gamepad decides to kick the bucket right in the heat of play.


Scheduled to ship March 15, the Mad Catz LYNX is priced at $299.99.

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