Made by Me Manga Artist Set Walks Kids Through Drawing Their First Comic Book

Coloring books are fun and all, but for kids with an interest in art, a full-on kit with a whole bunch of drawing supplies will probably be more satisfying. That’s what you can get with the Made by Me Manga Artist Set, a kit designed to walk kids through some comic book basics, teaching them how to draw various scenes while putting together their own comic.

Billed as a “step-by-step manga drawing guide” for children four and up, it includes a full set of drawing tools and an instruction book to walk kids through drawing their first manga comic. If you’re looking for more activities for your kids that don’t involve digital screens and they have some artistic interests, we imagine this will make for a great one to keep them engaged for a bit of time.

The Made by Me Manga Artist Set comes with a basic set of art tools, including eight colored pencils, five dual-ended markers (one end has a thick drawing tip, the other end has a thin drawing tip), one right-angled ruler, and a pencil sharpener, as well as two comic-sized 48-page sketch books with pre-printed comic book panels. Some pages of the sketch books will have pre-drawn outlines, by the way, which kids can simply color or adorn with additional objects to better set the scene, although there are also blank pages, so kids can go wild and do their own thing once they get the hang of it.

A 20-page illustrated drawing guide is included, which offers step-by-step instructions to help them draw various characters in different poses. It’s a good introduction to some technical aspects of drawing, by the way, which should help kids learn the right way, instead of simply going off and doodling on a page like they normally do. Not that it’s bad, of course, but giving them a clearer focus is always a good thing.

The Made by Me Manga Artist Set comes with detailed instructions for drawing male fighters, female fighters, heroes, mystics, and even some chibi characters, so kids can get quite a bit of practice (and, hopefully, learn a few new things) following the guides in this drawing kit. There’s no set story for the manga they can make, though, so they can let their imagination run wild. It also comes with a set of stickers that kids can add to their comics, which they can use to speed up finishing a panel or serve as inspiration for their own scenes. Suffice to say, this should help tap the creative juices of any budding artists in the household.

It comes in its own storage case that measures 14 x 11 x 2 inches (width x height x thickness), with a carry handle and two clasps to secure the opening. While it only comes with two sketchbooks, the case should fit a few standard sketchbooks, too, allowing you to buy your kid additional stationery if they end up finishing their mangas and want to do a few more.

Want one? The Made by Me Manga Artist Set is available now.

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