Wage War On Your Facial Hair With The Warrior Axe Straight Razor


It looks like an ornate and handmade throwing axe from a post-apocalyptic weapons stash. Except, you know, way smaller. So small, in fact, it’s better off as a novelty display than an actual tool you’ll rely on in the wild. Turns out, aesthetics isn’t all that the Warrior Axe Straight Razor is about, as this thing is a functional shaving blade that you can use to wipe all that facial hair off your mug.

That’s right, it’s a straight razor clad in the likeness of a throwing axe, so you can feel like a barbarian every time you shave in front of the mirror. Whether you shave around your beard, maintain a well-shaped goatee, or give yourself a clean shave every day of the week, this thing should do the job as well as any straight razor in the market, all while looking like a weapon straight out of Conan the Barbarian.


According to its creator, Magic Ethnics, the Warrior Axe Straight Razor is based on small axe weapons of the Viking age. We have no idea whether it stays true to that inspiration, but it definitely looks like it will fit in with the rest of a Viking warrior’s stash. You know, maybe they’ll use it to show how much they underestimate an unworthy opponent in the field of battle.

It combines a sharp tempered steel blade with an ornately-crafted handle, which, we guess, would be the same elements you will find in an actual Viking weapon. We’re particularly stoked about the handle, by the way, which looks like it’s received a healthy amount of hand-carving. With the tempered steel, this should function as a pretty decent blade, which, along with the wide edge, should let you mow down a good chunk of your facial hair with every pass.


Can the Warrior Axe Straight Razor really replace your everyday shaving tool? If you already use a straight razor, then we guess transitioning to this shouldn’t be difficult, although you’ll have to get used to a smaller grip and a narrower blade edge, which could add minutes to your shaving time. For those who use regular shaving razors, though, this will probably be challenging enough that we wouldn’t be surprised if you cut yourself multiple times before getting the hang of it. We mean, you’re shaving your face with an axe-shaped mini-tool – that doesn’t exactly sound like the most natural thing in the world. Yeah, we’ll probably stick to showing this off on a shelf instead.


Construction is tempered HRC steel for the blade, with the handle cut in beech wood and brass hardware. It measures 10 x 5 cm (height x width) and comes with a wooden box for safekeeping. In case you decide you’re not going to use it for shaving, by the way, we have a feeling this can find plenty of use as a weapon for all your action figures. We mean, just imagine all the crazy skirmish you can integrate this thing in.

The Warrior Axe Straight Razor is available now.

Straight razor warrior axe in Viking Celtic Nordic...
  • The blade made of tempered steel HRC 56,58. The handle of natural oak wood