Magic Swim Inflatable Pool Turns The Ocean Into Your Personal Jacuzzi

Jumping off your yacht for a dip in the ocean is fun. But you know what happens when you jump in deep waters: a giant alien shark arises and eats you whole. That, or a school of jellyfish happens to wander nearby. Luckily , you can now keep the venomous blobs of floating gelatin out with the Magic Swim, an inflatable pool designed to tack onto your yacht.

As it turns out, there have been reports of increased fatalities in oceans due to the massive presence of jellyfish in some waters. According to EuroShip, that’s why they came up with this solution, which provides your yacht-riding party a contained swimming area where no hazardous sea life can enter.

Designed by naval engineer Paolino Napolitano, the Magic Swim is a pool float made from durable PVC, with a contained horizontal area that allows sea water to come in through mesh-covered holes. It weighs about 66lbs on its own and connects to your boat via the peaks. Once attached, you can blow it up using the included air compressor, which fills the insides up with air in about five minutes. The bottom of the pool is a semi-rigid floating platform, allowing you to stand and walk around, turning the ocean into your personal jacuzzi.

Sounds like fun. Until you find out that the micro-sized, man-eating alien sea mosquitoes (which happen to be real, by the way) can actually make it through the mesh. And they bite you to your death. Arrrrgggghhhh….

The Magic Swim comes in two sizes, large and extra large, neither of which have been certified safe from micro-sized, man-eating alien sea mosquitoes. Prices are $2,250 and $2,440, respectively.

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