Drinking From The Magical Unicorn Champagne Horn Must Feel Like Exploding Into A Double Rainbow


Your Goat Mug is awesome and all, but let’s be real. In the scale of awesome animals, the gap between a goat and a unicorn is a substantial one, with the latter held in an esteemed position on par with magical fairies and double rainbows. That same awesomeness is what you’ll be enjoying when you drink your favorite beverages out of the Magical Unicorn Champagne Horn.

A drinking vessel for cold drinks, it’s clad in the likeness of a unicorn’s horn, allowing you to partake in your favorite beverages from an outgrowth harvested off a mythical creature. Whether for enjoying beer, soda, or a protein shake masterfully concocted from your Masterpiece Blender, drinking it out of this thing should give it mystical qualities like no other glass, cup, or stein can.


What kind of mystical qualities can you gain from the Magical Unicorn Champagne Horn? We’re not entirely sure, but you can make up whatever you want, since everyone’s guaranteed to be flocking your way once they see you drinking out of an object with as much legend as that thing sticking out of a unicorn’s forehead. Granted, it doesn’t make for the most useful drinking vessel, with a capacity of only 2.15 ounces and an inability to handle hot drinks (unicorn horn is a gentle material, unsuitable to contact with heat), but can you really live without all the attention you’ll get for sipping a very small amount of beverage from such a magical drinkware?

Available now, the Magical Unicorn Champagne Horn is priced at £19.99.

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