Clear Surfaces On The Magna-Tiles ICE Will Make Your Snap-On Structures Look Like Glass Masterpieces


If your kids (and, let’s be honest, you) are big fans of Magna-Tiles and their colorful magnetic construction tiles, then we know at least one thing on your shopping list for Christmas: more Magna-Tiles. And you picked a good time of the year to buy because Valtech just released a clear and color-free version this month called Magna-Tiles ICE.

That’s right, you can finally build giant snowflakes in realistic ice-like form. How about a glass castle? Yep, this thing will work, along with any other clear, colorless structure you’ve been thinking of building using the outfit’s traditionally colorful 2D snap-on modules. Or better yet, mix them with existing tiles to add see-through windows and other glass-like facilities into them.


The Magna-Tiles ICE Set includes 32 tiles that consist of 14 small squares, two large squares, eight equilateral triangles, four right triangles, and four isosceles triangles. Like previous Magna-Tiles sets, this clear version uses a base measurement of three inches and comes with built-in magnets along the sides that let you quickly and easily snap them on together for exceptionally fast construction times. The best part, of course, is the clear, colorless material, which turns out 2D and 3D objects that look like they were crafted from glass, making them way easier on the eyes. Seriously, the all-clear material makes all the difference in the world – the results are so pretty, you wouldn’t mind displaying them on a shelf for the guests to admire.


Available now, the Magna-Tiles ICE 32-Piece Set retails for $49.99.

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