Magnetic Coffee Cozy Lets You Hang Your Cup On A Street Lamp


Do you like  have  your coffee with a cigarette?  So what happens when your  phone rings while you’re on a coffee break? You only have two hands.  What are you supposed to do? Exactly.

The DIY Magnetic Coffee Cozy solves that dilemma. Instead of having to hold three things in your hands at the same time, you can simply attach the coffee onto any available steel surface, such as a streetlamp (as in the above photo) or a parked car.  Day saved.

Even if you don’t smoke, this thing is hella useful.  Need to fiddle with your bag while walking in the street?  Simply park at the nearest mailbox and do what you need to do.  No need to worry about the cup falling over (like when you simply put it on top of the mailbox), since the sleeve is designed to hold it securely.

According to creator AP, you can make your own Magnetic Coffee Cozy by simply buying one of those reusable coffee sleeves and adding a couple of magnets into it.  Make sure to test how well it holds when the cup is full, though, so you can adjust both the cozy and the magnets, whichever is necessary.

[Pop Up Lunch via Lifehacker]