This Magnetic Board Lets You Play Darts With Your Keys

If you’re going to set up a magnetic board by the front door for holding keys and other metallic pocket stuffers, it might as well be one you can have some fun using. These Special Edition Key Targets from Bower NYC do just that, letting you play a game of pseudo-darts while emptying your pockets as soon as you get inside the house.

Styled like a less-elaborate dartboard, it makes a perfect target for honing your key-tossing skills, so you can impress the girls with accurate throws every time you have them over. You can even turn it into a competition with family and friends, placing wagers on who can toss closer to the bullseye.

The entire surface of the Key Target is magnetized, so you can throw anywhere on the surface and have things stick. While designed for keys, you can use this for a whole load of metallic things, including your titanium escape ring, your multi-tool money clip, and your buckle-sized miniature flask. Construction is either maple, oak, or walnut wood, with a range of attractive color combinations, so you can find one that matches your existing interior.

The Special Edition Key Target is available from the Bower NYC website, where it’s priced at $175.

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