Magnetic Switch Cover Lets You Stick Your Keys Right By The Door

Need a place to hang your keys right by the door?  Stick a hook on the wall and be done with it.  In case you’d like to be fancier, you can opt for a Wallplate.  In case you don’t like hooks, you can go with this: a Magnetic Switch Cover.

Designed by Jake Frey, it’s actually a simple light switch cover for patching that hole on the wall where the switch connects with your home’s electrical system.   Replace that plate on the front door with this thing and you can just slam your keys the exact same time you flip the lights on.  One move.  Like a ninja.

The Magnetic Switch Cover incorporates a strong magnet in the back of the plate, allowing you to stick metal objects onto it for easy access by the door.   The product page actually gives no details about how strong the magnet is, so we don’t know what else you can throw in there other than a loaded key fob and spare change.  I mean, if it’s super strong, I’d like to have one in my bedroom for holding my Ultimate Survival Shotgun, too.

For added novelty, the plate comes with a red and silver finish just like those old horseshoe magnets you probably played with as a kid.   Sure, it’s garish, but you should be able to paint over it anytime (and, yes, we recommend you do).

You can get the Magnetic Switch Cover from The Fancy now, priced at $24.95.

[The Fancy]